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Intercom Systems Ideal for Businesses

Looking for an efficient intercom or door access system? Get in touch with us. At Behtech Systems, we have a comprehensive list of door access systems that have been designed to enhance the functionality of buildings. Please do not hesitate to contact our expert team Manchester for more information about our security systems.

Door Access Systems

Door Access Systems

With an extensive range of door access systems, you are sure to find a system that matches your criteria and budget from us. The systems vary from a standalone door access system to a fully monitored system that can be viewed, accessed and controlled from anywhere.

Door Access

Standalone Systems

A standalone door access system is a cost-effective way to secure a door of a building without having to issue everyone with a physical key. Access can be granted with either a PIN code or a swipe card.

Contact our skilled team regarding our intercom and door access systems.

Monitored Systems

A monitored door access system has similar qualities to a standalone system, but it also has many additional features that other systems do not have. In a monitored system, all users are stored on a database and people can be granted different access rights. For example, managers can have different access rights to staff, security and cleaners. Other benefits of the system include:

  • Clocking in and Out  
  • Remotely Opening Doors from Offsite
  • Removing Individuals from the System 
  • Creating Groups with Different Access Rights
  • Locating People in the Building 
  • Receiving an Alert If Doors Are Left Open
  • Receiving Alerts If Doors Go Offline


At our company, we pride ourselves on our excellent Biometrics systems. These systems offer a complete and secure solution. The advantage of these systems is that no one could find an access card that may have been lost by an employee and gain access to your building.

Intercom Systems

We have an excellent choice of either analogue of IP based intercom systems. We also offer video intercom systems that can be integrated with the latest door access technology giving the ultimate entry / exit solution.

For further information about our security systems including, CCTV, intruder alarms and turnstiles, please contact our expert team.